Hales from the city city

tell fear you're busy at the moment.

then go carpe that diem.

because bae - you got this.








Hey there! Mind if we get personal? So when I was a little girl, I used to plunge into the San Francisco Bay for the thrill of it. I would belly dance on top of dried out driftwood for the joy of movement. As a teenager, I basically hop-skipped-and-jumped to a remote village in Mali, West Africa to aid with the constructing the foundation of a schoolhouse. As I inched further into my 20s, my sense of adventure gave way to fear, and instead of plunging, I'd think of hypothermia. Instead of dancing, I'd think of splinters. Instead of immersion, I'd think of Malaria. It continued that way for quite some time...until one day, fear got super.freaking.boring.

I discovered that if your mind believes something strongly enough, it has the capacity to shape your truth. Which means it is ESSENTIAL to be our own cheerleaders. And to tell fear: Sorry doll, I'm busy right now.

IMG_4247 2.JPG

Being hard on yourself and asking "what if" all the time? You deserve better. I believe that one of fear's biggest accomplices is self-doubt, and the only way to nudge that aside is through knowing and appreciating yourself more. Giving yourself kudos where it's due, and cultivating a deep, irrefutable trust in yourself and your worthiness to live the life you want. Pushing your comfort zone, and saying yes to the "risks" that have been tapping at your window pane for quite some time now

You'll find three main sections on this site: BAE - YOU GOT THIS, inspiration to push fear aside and lead the life you want;  Hales without editsme sharing my unfiltered thoughts on everyday experiences that come across my radar; and Life in the City City featuring anecdotes, local recommendations, and artwork that are quintessential San Francisco. If you'd like to peruse my previous posts, I welcome you to spend some time in Archives, too.

I'm so glad you're here, and I can't wait to stay connected.